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Srimaan Ramachandra, a powerful promoter of politics

Leadership and networking abilities are difficult to learn. Some people are born with these qualities, while others work hard to acquire them. When you have a burning need to do everything, everything else falls into line. We only require commitment and hard work; without these, little can be accomplished.

Today we’ll talk about an individual with exceptional leadership abilities who also enjoys assisting the vulnerable and disadvantaged. He is on his way to a beautiful political trip in which he will bring smiles to the faces of those who are in need.
Srimaan Ramachandra Raja was born on February 22, 1999, in Rajapalayam, a town nestled in the Western Ghats valley known for its own breed of dogs known as Rajapalayam Dogs, and Chennai, Tamil Nadu’s political capital. He received his education from the prestigious Chinmaya Vidyalaya. He received his undergraduate education at CHRIST University before moving to Amity University for his MBA. Srimaan Ramachandra Raja earned his bachelor’s degree in 2019. After that, he got his MBA in 2021.

Throughout his life, Srimaan Ramachandra Raja has been a consistent supporter of politics with a purpose. He has spoken out on a number of issues and has engaged in several social assistance organizations, as well as founding his own non-profit organization, Shree Welfare Foundation, to assist the poor.

During his college years, he joined the NGPL (next Generation Political Leaders), which, in turn, combined with good mentorship from its core leaders, has propelled him to great heights and involved him in parliament sessions witnessing bill passing and other political activities such as meeting with the ministers. The leaders unanimously elected him to the national governing council because he was active in many aspects of the NGPL.

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He has partnered with a group of young people to provide Immunity boosters to over 1500 local people in Rajapalayam during the coronavirus pandemic, and they were featured on Satyam News, one of Tamil Nadu’s most well-known news channels. His first job was with the ruling BJP, where he supported them in conducting an election campaign for Shri Sunil Yadhav Ji of the New Delhi constituency in the Delhi assembly election 2020.

The fact that the retired joint secretary of the Lok Sabha invited him to many parliamentary sessions is an accomplishment and a source of pride. He was newly elected to Congress and was promptly appointed to a high-ranking role. In this political area, he sees a promising future and swift advancement, and his mind yearns to do whatever he can for his country and its citizens.

He is a wonderful person who wants to continue assisting others on a larger basis.

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