Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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The Award Winning Lecturer and Founder: Lokesh Goyal

The heading of this article might be boasting a little too much but such words are also an understatement for Lokesh Goyal. This is because he has been one of the most hard working people to ever exist, graduating from Harvard and being a guest lecturer in IIT as well as IIM. Indeed, not everyone is given the opportunity to become a lecturer in such places because they require talent, presence of mind and have an overall knowledge over everything. Not base knowledge but expertise and channelized knowledge on almost every topic that the people must be questioning him about.

Most of the time students are expected to question one of the most bizarre things and hence having a good presence of mind is very helpful at such situations. It is not a problem for Mr Goyal because he has been very impulsive and quick to respond to such things, his nature is as such that he never backs down from challenging situations and considers them as a major source of motivation. This will only lead him forward in life and make sure that he is contributing more to his own company as well as his Myra foundation.

To have a little background for Lokesh Goyal, he is currently the one who runs the mirror foundation and is also the deputy managing director of a distributing agency which is called Fairdeal Agency. Apart from this, he has also been a channel partner of Panasonic India known to be one of the only companies in India who has been along with Panasonic as a channel partner. This is huge for him because establishing a monopoly in the world as well as the market is pretty hard since not everyone tends to provide the same service and product and hence the customers have only usually one option that they can choose from.

There is a lot of pressure on him to produce one of the best quality products and body machinery for bikes and two wheeler vehicles. How would you think you will manage if you are put into such a spot where you have to take high risk decisions on a daily basis and then again are expected to save the energy for the other tasks you are performing? Thinking from Lokesh Goyal’s point of view, it is not that hard to do so. With such a unique talent and such skills, he is surely going to benefit a lot in his life.

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