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Late night in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh. There was a violent clash between the soldiers of Indo-China. A commanding officer of the rank of Colonel of India and two soldiers were killed 5 Chinese soldiers were killed in retaliation for India. Whereas, more than 10 were injured. After the tension, China took the initiative and demanded a meeting from seven o’clock on Tuesday morning. After this, a meeting between the Major Generals of the armies of both the countries started. However, China did not hawk its trickery China issued a statement about India Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Indian troops infiltrated the Galvan Valley twice. We have lodged our protest with India. India should not take any unilateral action so that the situation on the border worsens. The two countries should resolve the issue through dialogue.

According to the information received, even after all the talks, Chinese soldiers were not ready to withdraw from the Galvan Valley. Indian soldiers were pushing Chinese soldiers back since Monday night. During this time there was a bloody clash between the two sides Indian jawans gave a befitting reply. Soon after the escalating tension from China and the clashes in the Galvan Valley. There was a meeting between Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat, Chief of the three Services and Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar. The Defense Minister gave full information of the incident to Prime Minister Modi and apprised him of the latest situation.

A large number of Indian and Chinese soldiers have been standing face to face in the Galvan Valley for the past five weeks. Recently, the two countries had decided that the Chinese army would retreat from the Petroling Points 14, 15 and 17A in the Galvan Valley. He had slowly started to retreat, but had not fully retreated.

What is the dispute between the two countries

Galvan Valley, a major center of dispute between India and China, is in disputed area Aksai China. Galvan Valley is located near the Indo-China border between Ladakh and Aksai China. The Line of Actual Control (LAC) here is called Aksai China to India This valley stretches to southern Xinjiang in China and Ladakh in India. These areas are strategically important for India as it is bordering Pakistan, China’s Xinjiang and Ladakh. Even during the war of 1962, this area of ​​the Galvan River had been a major center of war.

Similarly, Pangong Soe Lake has been in the headlines since 1962. In 1962, China launched the main attack on India in the same area. In August 2017, soldiers of India and China clashed on the banks of Pangong Soo. The geographical position makes it strategically important. It falls in the way of the Chushul approach. According to defense experts, China will use the Chushul approach if it ever strikes an attack on Indian territory in the future because of its strategic importance. It is 134 km long. This lake is spread over 604 sq km. Pangong Lake extends from Tibet to Indian Territory. Its eastern part is in Tibet. Its 89 km i.e. about 2 thirds of China. Control is 45 km western part of the lake i.e. about one third part is dominated by India.

China has greatly expanded the infrastructure in these strategically important areas giving it easy access to those inaccessible areas. At the same time, India has also shown a boom in construction work in recent times. And that’s it The matter is disturbing China.

China wants to be the world’s grandfather

Meanwhile, a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute has revealed that Russia and the US hold 90 percent of the world’s total nuclear weapons .. Both countries are phasing out old weapons .. That is why last year nuclear weapons The decrease in the number of people was seen .. However, it is a matter of concern that instead of the old, these two countries are making new nuclear weapons .. China and Pakistan have more nuclear weapons than India .. At present, China has 320 , Pakistan has 160 nuclear weapons .. Whereas, India has 150 nuclear weapons. China is working to increase the nuclear power .. For this, it is preparing new missiles attacking from the ground, air and sea .. Not only that, it is also preparing some fighter jets that can attack the nuclear.

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