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Unplanned expenses: what to do?

Everyday financial expenses are always planned in advance. Having received a salary, we roughly know how much we need to set aside for food, travel and paying bills. But what to do when unexpected waste occurs? Consider important tips on how to protect yourself from such situations.

An instant loan app is a way to deal with unexpected expenses

If you find yourself in a situation where you urgently need money for treatment, shopping or the purchase of new equipment, downloading our RapidRupee loan app is the right solution.

You can receive money on the card for up to 30 days. We issue up to 60,000 rupees to the first clients and only at 12% per annum. This loan is almost free.

Agree, it is much more profitable than contacting banks. You don’t need to go somewhere, collect a list of documents, stand in line, wait for the bank’s decision. Usually, it takes up to 15 minutes from submitting an application on the website to crediting money to the card.


Your own savings are an important component of financial security and a guarantee that any critical situation will not catch you by surprise. What is the minimum amount to keep in stock?

Financial safety cushion

Under any circumstances, you should have a financial cushion – personal capital in the amount of three monthly incomes (at least). You need to collect it now, saving at least 20% from each income. It is better to keep these savings in foreign currency: dollars or euros.

In order not to keep money at home under the mattress and to make money on the amount already available, put it in a safe bank. Choose a deposit with an early withdrawal option: if you have unexpected expenses, your airbag will cover them.

In addition to the financial cushion, make other savings that can be invested in a project, stocks / bonds, a deposit for a long time without early withdrawal (in such deposits,% of earnings are higher).

Remember an important rule: your savings should work – bring monthly interest. Having savings, under any circumstances, you can stay afloat – at least 3-6 months. This time is usually enough to decide how to proceed in unforeseen situations (job loss, expensive treatment, road accidents, etc.).


In the developed countries of the world, insurance is not just an ordinary thing, but an obligatory thing. At a time when any repair and treatment is expensive, it is naive not to be immune from unforeseen situations.

Health insurance

Any disease is cheaper to prevent than to cure. How and when should an employed person with a minimum or average income undergo regular medical examinations? In state polyclinics, such examinations are bureaucratic sabotage. Appointments, referrals to different doctors and queues usually take several days. While in a paid clinic you will go through all the examinations in a day, and the test results will be sent to you by email. And this is if you do not have pathologies that need to be treated.

Insurance is another matter. Small monthly payments guarantee you full or partial coverage of your health care (depending on your health policy). The list of services, budgets and clinics depend on the specific insurer, the price of the insurance policy, and the age and health status of the person.

Electronics insurance

Gadgets cost a lot of money, be it headphones, a smartphone, or a laptop. If something breaks suddenly, then we are practically left without connection. And at the present time this means – without full-fledged work. So the purchase of new equipment in this case is mandatory and this is also an unforeseen financial expense. What to do if a laptop breaks down, on which Skype meetings are held every day or remote technicians are performed, in the future, simultaneously with the purchase, take out insurance for it in the store. Then, in the event of a breakdown during the insurance period (depending on the case), you can count on free repair or replacement of the device.

The safest thing to do with unforeseen expenses is to have your own investments and savings. And most importantly – do not forget to insure yourself for the future by buying insurance policies for treatment, repairs, and more. In case of an urgent and instant need for money, you can always contact the service, download our loan app and arrange a loan within 30 minutes.

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