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US Election results 2020: Donald Trump loses legal battle in Georgia, Michigan

US President Donald Trump Campaign lost a legal battle in Georgia and Michigan on Thursday. The US President has vowed to file a lawsuit in Nevada now after losing legal battles in the former two states. As the US Election results are approaching, Donald Trump has been repeatedly accusing his rival Joe Biden of  manipulating the vote count. Donald Trump has alleged that all ballots being counted now are magically appearing. In the Georgia case, his campaign alleged that 53 late-arriving ballots were mixed with on-time ballots. Meanwhile, in Michigan the campaign had sought to stop votes from being counted and obtain greater access to the tabulation process.

The state judges of Georgia and Michigan dismissed the lawsuits filed by Trump by saying there was no evidence that the vote counting has been tampered. James Bass, a Superior Court judge in Georgia, said there was no evidence that the ballots in question were invalid. In the state of Michigan, Judge Cynthia Stephens said she has no basis to find that there is a substantial likelihood of success on the merits.

Trump has been claiming that the elections are rigged since the night of November 3 when the mail-in ballots were being counted. He claims Joe Biden has tampered with the vote counting. He said if the legal votes are being counted, he would easily win. They’re trying to rig an election. And we can’t let that happen.

Meanwhile, Bob Bauer, a senior adviser to Biden’s campaign, called Trump’s lawsuits a meritless distraction and called it a part of a broader misinformation campaign that involves some political theatre.

Joe Biden has been active on Twitter since election campaigns and now he has  urged people to stay calm and trust the system. He has criticised Trump for filing lawsuits and going to court to stop votes from being counted.

The vote counting in four key swing states, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Nevada is underway.

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