Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Madhya Pradesh minister Usha Thakur says all terrorists are raised in madrasas, sparks controversy

Madhya Pradesh Minister Usha Thakur ‘s terrorist comment on Madrasas has sparked controversy. The BJP MLA from Indore on Tuesday said that all the terrorists and radicals are raised in Madrasas.

While addressing the media, Thakur said Madrasas raise terrorists and they have turned Jammu and Kashmir into a terror factory. The minister called for the shutdown of all the Madrasas in the state, saying religion-based education is spreading radicalisation and feeling enmity. Therefore, every student should get the same education collectively, the minister was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

Citing Assam’s recent decision to shut down all the Madrasas, Thakur said the Madrasas that fail to teach children about nationalism should be brought into mainstream education for the collective progress of society. She said the government should stop funding Madrasas as the Waqf Board is capable enough to fund the Madrasas. If someone in a personal capacity wishes to impart religious education, they can obtain it at their own expense as the Constitution gives them this right to do so, the minister added.

Madhya Pradesh spokesperson Narendra Saluja said that the Election Commission should take action against the BJP MLA’s statement. He said Usha Thakur’s statement is a part of BJP’s strategy to divert the bypoll campaign towards communal agenda.

The Minister’s statement came days after the Assam government’s announcement of shutting down all the state run Madrasas and Sanskrit schools and converting them into High schools providing regular education.

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Assam Health and Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma had said that teaching Quran can’t happen at the cost of government money, if the government has to do so then it should also teach both the Bible and Bhagavad Gita to bring uniformity. His statement had sparked a political row. 

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