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Labour leader warns against military intervention

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has expressed her country’s support and assured to stand “shoulder to shoulder” with Japan over the threat from North Korea. UK’s support came after North Korea fired missile flying over Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido on Monday last.

She is currently on a three day official visit to Japan, being first foreign dignitary in Tokyo after North Korea’s  volley of missile tests.

During her meeting with Japanese counterpart Sinzo Abe on Tuesday British PM Theresa May focused more on the security issues in the wake of North Korea’s decision to fire over northern Japan, the spokeswomen said.

British PM’s spokeswomen said, “The prime minister told Prime Minister Abe that the UK stood shoulder to shoulder with Japan facing North Korean aggression.”

She further said, “Prime Minister Abe and the prime minister agreed that it was important to send a powerful message to North Korea that it won’t be tolerated.” May and Abe also discussed about the possibility of imposing new sanctions against North Korea.

Earlier in the day, May called the North Korean move of firing missile over Japan as “outrageous” and “a provocation” and urged Chinese president Zi Jinping to do more saying his country was “the key in this”.

UK’s call to China was met with tough response from Beijing. Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hu Chunying said that critics of Beijing policy “only pay attention to sanctions and pressure, and ignore peace talks”. She further said, “You will reap what you sow, the parties directly concerned should take responsibility.”

PM May is supposed to address Japan’s national security council on Thursday where she is expected to announce “an era of closer cooperation over security matters”, in part prompted by North Korea. Two countries are expected to sign a joint declaration on security, covering defense, cyber-security and terrorism.

On August 25, North Korea had warned that Britain “faces a miserable end” if it becomes involved in the joint US-South Korean military exercises taking place in the South. Official statement carried by KCNA on August 23 denounced US and South Korea as “warmongers” for carrying out the “provocative Ulchi Freedom guardian war exercise”.

On August 29, Prime Minister Theresa May was quoted saying Sky News, “This action of North Korea is reckless provocation. These are illegal tests and we strongly condemn them.”

She further said, “There will be an emergency meeting of the Security Council later this afternoon and we will continue to work with our intentional partners to put pressure on North Korea to stop these illegal tests.”

However,  on August 13, Jeremy Corbyn, the most important opposition leader in the House of Commons, had urged British government to refrain from military intervention in North Korea and warned against following the lead of the “erratic and belligerent” Trump administration. Corbyn leads 262 Labour MPs in 650- member House of Commons.

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