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Nobody should be allowed to decide on military action, says South Korea

Responding to the global calls for calm, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un has decided to halt a plan to launch four missiles towards Guam, a US territory in the Western Pacific ocean and warned that his country will “stay fire-ready” while keeping close watch on Washington’s actions.

According to KCNA the official news agency, the leader informed his military commanders, on Tuesday, that he would wait and monitor the US actions for the time being.  Kim conveyed his decision after inspecting the Strategic Force command in-charge of the nuclear armed missile units where he was given detailed briefing about the “plan for an enveloping fire at Guam.”

Kim said that he would “watch a little more the foolish and stupid conduct of the Yankees” before executing any order. If they “persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions on the Korean Peninsula, North Korea would then take action “as already declared,” he asserted.

North Korea had announced plan to launch missile to hit 30-40 kilometers close to Guam last week. The commanders were asked to prepare the plan by mid-August. It was reportedly a reaction to US president Donald Trump’s threat to unleash “fire and fury” on North Korea. He had also said that US military is “locked and loaded” to deal with the North.

Meanwhile South Korean President Moon Jae-in  has warned that no  country should start a military action on the Korean Peninsula without his nation’s approval. This is considered to be unusual blunt rebuke to Donald Trump’s repeated warnings to North Korea.

In a televised address on the occasion of National Liberation Day, commemorating the end of Japanese colonial rule of Korea at the end of World War II, Moon said,  “It’s only South Korea that can decide on a military action on the Korean Peninsula.” He further emphasized, “No one should be allowed to decide on a military action on the Korean Peninsula without South Korean agreement.”

South Koreans have grown concern about the possible military conflict in the wake of rhetoric between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un about “fire and fury” and threat to hit Guam, a US territory in Pacific Ocean.

Donald Trump is also facing opposition in UK, one of its closest allies and partner in wars in several conflicts. Labour Leader Jeremy Cobryn, has, in an article published by Sunday Mirror, warned Theresa May government against taking part in any military action against North Korea.

The Labour leader further said, “In the interests of sanity and safety for the whole world, global ­pressure for dialogue and diplomacy must be overwhelming. Our government must not drag our country into any military action over the Korea crisis, including joint exercises,” he suggested.

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