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TV anchors call their rulers “US stooges”

Undergoing through tremendous US pressure for more than a year for “doing more” to destroy terror havens on its soil Pakistan has recently faced another major embarrassment when its Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi went through a routine security check at John F Kennedy airport in New York. Abbasi was on a personal visit to meet his ailing sister.

The footage of the body search indicates that PM Abbasi was physically frisked and was asked to remove his socks, belt and coat. Several TV channels were running the footage along with debate on the embarrassment faced by Pakistani nation. It showed Abbasi picking up his bag and coat and walking out from a security check.

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The development comes at a time when US President Donald Trump was looking into a range of new options, including imposing visa bans to incrementally pressure Pakistan into acting against militants.

Sami Ibrahim, a YouTube Trends Official TV anchor, observed that Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan and other leaders had fought for a separate country for protecting Muslims’ honour. However, the present rulers of the country who want to prolong their rule for their personal gains have been facing embarrassing situation on foreign lands.

Sami Ibrahim also recalled India’s appropriate reaction to similar security checks of their former President APJ Abdul Kalam and cine artist Shahrukh Khan at US airports. He blamed Pakistani rulers for not reacting to the embarrassment and alleged them of being US stooges.

Participating in the Trends Official debate, General Moinuddin Haider, a former army officer said that Pakistan government should also put US officials through similar body search at their airports.

However, Geo TV has suggested that Abbasi voluntarily followed the security procedures. Abbasi has a history of making private trips to foreign nations. He was previously spotted travelling alone at a train station during his visit to Britain.

Abbasi was sworn in as the 18th prime minister of the country on August 1, this year after Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification by Supreme Court of the country.

Another Pakistan TV anchor has reportedly said, “He should be ashamed for saying he went on a private visit. He is the prime minister… he has a diplomatic passport …there is no such thing as a private visit.”

On Tuesday, the US government added seven Pakistani firms to a list of foreign entities that pose a “significant risk” to its national security and interests by allegedly engaging in nuclear trade.

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