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Merkel admin plans to break deportation record

By Sujit Bhar

Politics is a better option and definitely a more urgent option than humanitarian pursuits. Just the other day all of Europe was up in arms against new US President’s Donald Trump’s travel ban on seven Muslim countries. America should open its borders to refugees they said, and rightly so.

Now that the strongest of those European countries, Germany, is nearing election time, and Chancellor Angela Merkel has decided to run again, refugees are suddenly a no-no, because the conservative right wingers would have to be pacified. It’s an irony, but the world has never been fair.

Last year, Germany had deported a record number of 80,000 refugees, their applications for asylum being rejected. Germany has let all know that this number will only go up this year. This information has been given my Merkel’s chief of staff Peter Altmaier. This has been revealed by German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, which quoted him as saying: “Merkel wants to win the ensuing elections (in September). So there is no alternative to this to secure the votes of the conservative section of voters (who are against Germany taking in more refugees).”

According to Altmaier, around 700,000 refugees had applied for asylum in Germany in 2016. Of those, over half have been rejected and the huge number who have been rejected would be sent back home (that includes the 80,000 already deported).

Refugees started streaming into Germany in 2015, taking advantage of Merkel’s then “open door” policy. Her party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) of Germany had severely criticized this policy. The CDU is of the general view that all refugees should be repatriated. The party is of the opinion that all those with criminal records among refugees should be sent back immediately.

Altmaier believes that there is no way Merkel will gain any level of popular support if she does not start the repatriation process quickly enough and follow up with more repatriations.

Over a million refugees have moved into Germany in the last 18 months, mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, from war-ravaged areas that could no more sustain its people.

The idea within the party, and much across Germany, is that the law and order situation of the country would be affected negatively with all the refugees around.

Homeland first

Hence, it boils down to homeland security, a point that Trump has been harping on for so long. If Germany also falls in line, Trump’s new, improved executive order on the travel ban, something, he has threatened, will gain currency. He can then fall back on a precedent from across the Atlantic.

If Trump has the sense to gather similar sounding ideas from around the world, Britain will acquiesce, as it always has, and so could others. As the general humanitarian support base dwindles, legal options and loopholes would be sought with frenzy, and found. The current situation in the US would get murkier and common sense would have died.

But, then, it is more imperative that power bases be maintained secure and sound, and the “developed” world should never be allowed to fall into chaos. Angela Merkel is only seeking a well-entrenched route to success and longevity.

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