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Nuclear power is necessary for the Nation’s survival, says Kim Jong Un

North Korea has claimed to have successfully tested the hydrogen bomb that could be mounted on the Inter Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). It has also claimed of improving design which will propel higher yield than their previous nuclear tests.

A state television is believed to have stated the success as perfect as ordered by Kim Jong Un and is considered to be a giant leap in the country’s nuclear weapons programme. Media had pronounced the news after a large earthquake, measuring 6.3 magnitudes was reported near its main test site.

The South Korean Joint chiefs stated the tremors were detected at North’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site. As per AFP, “It’s an explosion rather than an earthquake.”

Japan had confirmed the nuclear test that was conducted by the North Korea on Sunday and lodged a formal protest with the Pyongyang. Japanese foreign minister Taro Kono told reporters, “The government has registered a protest with the North Korean embassy in Beijing prior to the confirmation, calling any test as “extremely unforgivable”.

As reported by the KCNA which quoted Kim as saying, “All components of the hydrogen bomb were 100% domestically made”.

North Korea ratcheted up tensions in July when it had tested ICBM, the Hwasong-14, which apparently brought much of the US mainland within its striking range. It has also been threatening to fire missiles towards Guam, an unincorporated US territory in Western Pacific Ocean. Last week North Korea had fired a missile overflying Japan which landed into the Pacific Ocean.

US President Donald Trump has recently warned North Korea that it faces “fire and fury” saying that Washington’s weapons are “locked and loaded”. Trump has also spoken to Japan PM Shinzo Abe to discuss the need to maximise pressure on North Korea.

North Korea has reiterated its claim of possessing thermonuclear weapon which has more potential than other nuclear device in terms of devastation. In September 2016 Pyongyang had carried out another test without disclosing if it was a Hydrogen bomb. Inventing a warhead capable of being mounted on the missile would further escalate the situation.

The North Korean leadership has earlier stated that being equipped with nuclear power should be considered as a deterrent which is necessary for the nation’s survival.

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