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On Saturday, 12th January, US partial government shut down becomes longest in history making it the 22nd day of the political standoff. Around 80,000 employees including prison guards, airport staff, FBO agents have been left unpaid for their first salary of the year.

President Donald Trump is constantly refusing budget since his demand for a wall on the Mexican border with a budget of $5.7bn is being refused by the Democrats.

“What we’re not looking to do right now is national emergency”” Trump Said. He says he would prefer to work a deal with Congress for now. This step could be his ultimate one to bypass Congress and get the money he needs. The proposed border wall is considered to be his key election pledge.

The workers are constantly agitating, showing their empty pay slips on social media. The mandatory monthly deductions and bills are causing people to lose their money. Some affected have also started to sell their possessions.

Their conditions have worsened so much that one terminal at the Miami airport will close due to the shortage of security agents caused by the shutdowns.

The White House considered picking up money for wall development from a host of different accounts. One thought being considered was redirecting a portion of the $13.9 billion assigned to the Army Corps of Engineers after last year’s deadly hurricanes and floods.

That alternative set off an outcry from authorities in Puerto Rico and a few states recouping from cataclysmic events, and seemed to lose steam on Friday. California Governor Gavin Newsom considered it an “unconscionable” plan to take a gander at utilizing calamity help “to pay for immoral wall that America doesn’t need or want”

The House and Senate passed a bill on Friday to ensure that the affected workers receive a retroactive pay after the shutdown ends but President Trump is yet to sign the legislation. Although, this step is seen very little to those federal employees who are in a dire situation as nobody can foresee the end to this shutdown anytime soon.

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