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“Contact tracing will become a part of life”

Panelists say that social distancing norms will need to be followed even when shutdowns are relaxed.

Over 46,000 people have been affected by Covid-19 in the country. APN’s popular debate Mudda discussed the issue. Anchorperson Neha Dubey spoke with panelists including cancer specialist from Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon, Dr Rahul Bhargav, senior Prof of KGMU, Lucknow, Dr Arvind Mishra, ICU specialist from Yashoda Hospital, Dr Sachin Maheshwary, and economist Dr Ravi Singh.

Dr Bhargav said: “We have to learn to live with Corona, it’s not going away and people should understand that.”

Dr Mishra said: “The lockdown decision has been correct. We have a large population, and ensuring discipline is tough. Many patients have ben asymptomatic. Also, many sections of the population have been affected due to unexplained gatherings in some pockets. Rules have to be followed in earnest, otherwise the numbers will continue to rise.”

Dr Singh said: “See, we can asses the situation after seeing the trend. If the shutdowns continue, the economy too will be a big challenge. In India, the rate has been arrested in some measure due to the lockdown. It’s a catch 22 situation. We need to exercise precaution. See the liquor shops were opened, but people need to follow the instructions of social distancing and wearing masks properly.”

Dr Bhargav said: “Covid is not going to go away. Nearly 80 percent of the patients are asymptomatic. Zonal divisions will remain. Mortality is 3.3 percent in the country. We need to figure out about our vulnerable groups.”

Dr Mishra said: “Lockdown helped the government to prepare, to get ventilators, improve the medical facilities, and to gather learning in the intervening period. Today, our numbers are the smallest. But this will not remain so, the numbers will go up.”

Dr Singh said: “Right now is not the time to talk of GDP growth. Corona is not like a brother that we can live with it; it will come here to bite us, to kill. People need to understand the zonal demarcations.”

Dr Bahragav: “Corona is not a brother, it’s a reality of life, it’s here to stay. We have to stall the damages. Social distancing and handwashing should be part of your character. When the vaccine comes, life will get back to normal.”

Dr Mishra said: “See due to the lockdown, the proportion of population affected is far less. But one day, shutdowns will need to be relaxed, people will get out for work. When that happens, precautions will need to be followed. In one day, the numbers have gone up to 4,000. It’s a dangerous virus, and it’s difficult to plan life ahead like this.”

Dr Bhargav said: “Caution, precaution and action are needed. Contact tracing will become a part of life. The numbers going up are actually the earlier numbers. For today’s scenario, we need to find out in the next fortnight. Social distancing is the only way. Trump has said social distancing is the norm. As health experts, our job is to suggest the way out. The administration has to ensure that it’s done.”

Dr Mishra said: “Plasma therapy is one of the potential therapies where improvement is possible. It’s not a cure.”

Dr Singh said: “As soon as the vaccine or a cure is found, positive sentiment will be set in the economy. Earning and spending both are needed for the economy.”

Dr Bhargav said: “People need to know that corona virus patients are not given any medicine apart from paracetamol and a light antibiotic. This treatment does not affect kidney or liver. Patients are isolated for 14 days, for the body to successfully drive out the virus.”

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