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Minutes after the Allahabad High Court upheld their marriage as valid and granted them police protection, BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra’s daughter Sakshi and her husband Ajitesh Kumar were attacked inside the Allahabad High Court complex today (Monday, July 15).

Sakshi and her husband Ajitesh Kumar were attacked by some persons, wearing black coats in the court room after which the judge asked the couple to remain seated inside the court room, according to a Hindustan Times (HT) report quoting the couple’s lawyer.

The judge also summoned the police officials and asked them to provide protection to the couple. However, said the HT report, SSP Prayagraj Atul Sharma denied that the couple had been assaulted.

Other reports said the couple were roughed up by some lawyers as soon as they stepped out of the courtroom after a hearing, eyewitnesses said.

Justice Siddharth Verma granted protection to Sakshi and Ajitesh, who had asked for security contending that there is a threat to their life from BJP MLA Mishra, who is unhappy with the marriage as Shakshi is a Brahmin and Ajitesh a Dalit.

The couple had prayed that police or Mishra should not disturb them in their peaceful living as they were adults and had got married in free will.

Lashing out at BJP MLA Rajesh Misra, Justice Siddhartha Verma said that both his daughter Sakshi and son-in-law are adults and have a right to decide their life partners.

This came just hours after there were rumours that the couple has been kidnapped.

Earlier, eyewitnesses claimed the couple was kidnapped at gunpoint by armed men from outside the Allahabad High Court, where they had gone to seek protection, according to news agency IANS.

Later, police probe revealed that another young couple, who had come to the Allahabad High Court to seek protection after marriage, were kidnapped at gunpoint. “Abductors were armed,” Additional Director General of Prayagraj SN Sabatwas quoted as saying in media reports. The couple was later rescued by police in Fatehpur and the abductors were nabbed, police said, according to ANI.

The incident took place at 8.30.am, just before Sakshi and Ajitesh case was to be heard.

Sakshi and Ajitesh had reportedly eloped from their homes on July 3 and had got married at a temple in Prayagraj on July 4.

The couple remained on the run and on July 9, they posted a video in which Sakshi and Ajitesh claimed that they face a death threat form Sakshi’s father and BJP MLA Rajesh Misra.

The couple said that the BJP MLA was ‘unhappy’ with their marriage as Sakshi was a Brahmin and Ajitesh a Dalit.

In an appeal to her father, Sakshi had asked him to back off and let the couple live peacefully while warning him to ‘stay off Ajitesh and his family’ or face the consequences. “I have married of my free will and my father has sent out his goons for us… I am tired of running, I seek police protection,” she says in a video where Kumar can be seen sitting next to him. “If they catch us, they will definitely kill us,” she adds.

Kumar also spoke, in the video, of the alleged goons following them, “We managed a narrow escape this morning after a group people landed at the hotel we were staying in.”He alleged that Sakshi’s family was out to kill them for ‘honour’ as he was from a Dalit family.

In another video, she has apprehended threat to her life from her father, brother and an associate, and urged the Bareilly senior superintendent of police to extend security to them.

The MLA from BithariChainpur in Bareilly has, however, said he was not opposed to the marriage and his only concern was that there was a nine years age difference between his daughter and Ajitesh. The MLA said that the boy did not have a proper employment.

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