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Lancet study says Russia’s Covid-19 vaccine safe

The Covid-19 vaccine developed in Russia has got a thumbs-up from The Lancet on Friday. According to the study, patients involved in the early testing of the Russian Covid-19 vaccine had developed antibodies with no serious adverse reaction to it.

In August, Russia had unveiled its Sputnik V after its approval in the country. To show Russian confidence in the vaccine, the first publicised shot was given to one of the daughters of President Vladimir Putin.

HEAR ME: Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech as he visits the Zvezda shipyard in the far eastern town of Bolshoy Kamen, Russia, Reuters/UNI

However, Western scientists had questioned the Russian vaccine and doubted whether the product had gone through the rigours of careful study. Western scientists had also ridiculed the lack of safety data. As expected, Russian researchers didn’t take too kindly to the unfounded criticism and dismissed it as an attempt to undermine Moscow’s capabilities in research and medicine.

According to the Lancet study, Russian researchers reported on two small trials involving some 40 adults, with the youngest being 18 and the oldest being 60, who were administered the vaccine in two parts. The first part of the dose was followed by a booster 3 weeks later. Researchers in Russia found that after observing the vaccine subjects over 7 weeks, that they had all developed antibodies within the first 3 weeks.


Though the study found the vaccine was safe, well-tolerated, and did not cause serious adverse events in healthy adults, Lancet researchers stressed on the need for larger trials with placebo comparisons to establish the vaccine’s long-term safety and effectiveness.

The coronavirus outbreak has affected 213 countries with the United States, Brazil and India among the worst-hit. India’s Covid count has risen to 39,36,747 cases.

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