Amidst growing tension due to ongoing Saudi-led war against Yemen and rivalry with Iran, Saudi security forces have claimed of neutralizing a man who was reportedly wearing what looked like an explosive vest in the city of Al-Bukayriyah. The man was wounded in an exchange of gunfire, an Interior Ministry spokesman said in a statement early on Thursday.

According to official Al-Arabia website, the Interior Ministry spokesman added that the authorities managed to locate the assailant, identified as Fawaz Abdulrahman al-Harby, who had “adopted ISIS ideology”, and cornered him. Security forces had taken the wounded man to hospital. Al-Bukhariyah is situated 327 kms north-west of capital Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia Neutralize a Man with Explosive Vest

A machine gun, 359 bullets and a pistol were some of the things reportedly found in Harby’s possession.

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According to the Interior Ministry Al-Harby began shooting at police officers when they tried to apprehend him at 1:30 in the morning on Wednesday, after which he tried to escape.

The accused was later found in a neighbourhood near the city’s souq (market) in his car, where he began to shoot at police officers once more, before he was arrested and taken to hospital.

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The Interior Ministry affirmed that anyone seeking to undermine the country’s security, and that of its citizens and residents, will face strict repercussions.

Al-Herby is an Arabic surname that refers to the Herb (war) tribe. This is predominantly a Sunni tribe in central region of Saudi Arabia. Sunni Muslims, who follow Hanafi school of thought are considered to be rival to hardline Wahabi ideology nursed by the government.