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Lok Sabha on Tuesday (Jan 8) passed the 124th Constitutional Amendment Bill seeking to provide 10% reservation for the economically weaker section among the general category.

This will be in addition to the quota already provided to the socially and educationally backward classes, the scheduled castes and the scheduled tribes.

But, here the big question what strikes in mind is that will it be able for the BJP to pass the bill easily through the Rajya Sabha, as it is being opposed by many leaders.

Today, APN in its popular show Mudda, will discuss on the same issue with Anchorperson Himanshu Dixit along with Congress leader Saif Khan, BJP leader Sudhir Tyagi, Political thinker AK Mishra, Justice BD Naqvi, NCP spokesperson Mahesh Chouhan and APN consultant Govind Pant Raju.

Saif Khan was the first to speak and said “How can BJP balance the Reservation system, when there is already 49.5% reservation given to the lower castes like OBC, SC/ST, how the bill can be amended, from where the “jublabaazi party” will give 10% reservation to the economically weaker section among the general category.”

Sudhur Tyagi said “10% reservation will be given to the general category (economically weaker) but the already given 50% reservation to the lower castes will remain untouched.”

BD Naqvi said “How BJP can say that an individual earning 8 lakhs annually is poor, when the same individual earning above 2.5 lakh per annum pays tax. He criticizes the bill and said that it will not be easy for the BJP to pass the bill in the Rajya Sabha.”

He also added that “If the saffron party had proposed that the reservation will be given to the individual earning less than 2 lakh per annum then the thing would have been else.”

AK Mishra said “BJP has just played a game by introducing this bill and all have done for a particular agenda, which is known to everybody, ahead Lok Sabha polls introducing such a bill is nothing less than a political strategy”

Govind Pant Raju said “Congress party is confused, they don’t know how to oppose the bill and that’s why the bill was easily passed through the Lok Sabha in the presence of Congress leaders.”

Saif Khan said “BJP has introduced this bill just few months before the general election to woo the voters, why the party didn’t introduced it earlier in 4.5 years”

Sudhir Tyagi said “Congress ruled for 60 long years but they didn’t introduce a bill like this and now they are targeting BJP for not introducing the bill earlier.”

Govind Pant Raju said “The political parties are having difficulty in understanding the bill and the  reason behind this may be they have not either read properly the bill or they didn’t paid attention in Lok Sabha.”

Mahesh Chouhan said “The bill is confusing in itself as it is not clear that if the party wants to help the economically weaker section of the society as a whole or a particular community comes under the bill.”

He also added that “The BJP failed to fulfil the promise they made before 2014 general elections and now they are trying to woo the voters.”

BD Naqvi said “The bill is not for the bill that are already getting benefits under the given 50% reservation but it is for those who are out of that reservation sharing system and among those economically weaker section is the prominent.”

In an overall discussion what comes to our knowledge is that Congress is really confused how to oppose the bill as it will affect a large number of voters and vote bank will be affected, and the situation will be beneficial for the BJP.

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