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Do you have vitamin deficiency? Here are the symptoms that you need to check

Vitamins are the most important components that are required in our body. Only, a small amount of such substances are required to carry out other essential biometric reactions in our body. When we have a deficiency of vitamins in our body, there are many signals that our body can send us to indicate a possible vitamin deficiency. Among the most common symptoms are muscle pains, fatigue, changes in the nervous system, hair loss, and other digestive problems.

A dietitian, nutritionist, and pharmacist at the Avenida de América Pharmacy Belén Maple indicate certain symptoms that help us to identify the deficiency of vitamins in our body. If you also have such symptoms, then make surer you start taking a vitamin-rich diet.

Muscle pain

If you have muscle pains either in your leg, hand or in any other body parts, then it indicates that you have a deficiency of vitamins in your body.

Disorder of Sight

It means if your eye power changes or you faces problem in seeing objects carefully, then it is a sign that you have a vitamin deficiency in your body.

Digestive Problems

Well, it is very important to have a proper digestive system to keep ourselves healthy. If you are facing indigestion, irritation in your stomach, then you are low in vitamin levels in your body.

Hair and Nail loss brittle

Are you facing splitting or brittle nails? Is your hair dull and becoming thinner day by day? If yes, then you start consuming more vitamins in your diet. This is also of the most common health problems that indicate vitamin deficiency in our body.

What causes vitamin deficiency in our body?

It is not rocket science to know what causes vitamin deficiency in our bodies. Our eating habits are responsible for the same. The expert said that the following are responsible for vitamin deficiency in our body:

  • If you are consuming too much alcohol, tehn it causes vitamin deficiency in your body.
  • If you are not taking healthy and balanced diet, then definiteky you will have vitamin deficiency in your body.
  • If you have several autoimmune diseases such as celiac disease or Crohn’s disease, then the vitamin levels are low in your body.

What are different health issues due to lack of vitamins in our body?

The experts also highlight that there are different types of Vitamin such as Vitamin c, Vitamin B12, etc. In some cases, different type of vitamins coincides as they perform the same function in our body.

  • Muscle aches, weakness and bone pain at any age are caused due to lack of vitamin D in our body.
  • Anaemia is casued due to both deficiency of bioth the vitamins, vitamin B12 and vitamin C.
  • If there is lack of Vitamin B12, then it causes paleness, fatigue, neuropsychiatric disorders, balance disorders, dehydration and even some gastrointestinal disorders in opur body.

If you have low vitamin levels then make sure you eat citrus foods, green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, nuts, and seeds in your diet. It will help to keep healthy, fit and eds in your diet. It will help to keep healthy, fit and fine.

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