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The Passion of Photography took her from Kanpur To Los Angeles

Anusha Jain, Graduated from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in fine art photography.  She has worked with many brands and taken a bunch of photoshoots that have been published globally, including as an Assistant photographer for Nylon German and Nylon Japan Magazines. In addition, she worked as an Art Director for Bella Magazine.

She is a Kanpur-based photographer. The Best Photographer in Kanpur has learned to approach things differently as a result of the pandemic. She likes to shoot in natural light, capture moods, and want the viewers to feel something when they look at her photos.

She started capturing beauty during her boarding School days because she wanted to record the moments around her. She had a camera with her at all times, whether it was during lunch, sports, or even class. She’s always taking pictures. She also enjoys using a film camera to take images and the process of developing a negative film in a camera.

Over the last year, food photography has been a popular lockdown activity, and many experienced photographers are generously using their social media platforms to help amateurs improve their skills. Food photography seminars have also risen in popularity, as people make use of the extra time at home to improve their skills.

Anusha Jain Kanpur’s Best and Creative Photographer who specializes in food photography. It’s no longer about ‘plopping the food on the plate and clicking a photograph,’ according to her. “Whether experts or amateurs, they go above and beyond to make their food shine.” “Use natural light,” she advises as a quick tip. Once you’ve learned the basics of lighting, a good camera can handle the rest. One should develop their style and let the picture tell the story.”

She says “when it comes to food and product photography, she is a minimalistic photographer. Beautiful cuisine that inspires me and keeps me updated since I am a foodie who enjoys the process of food preparation, which allows me to style the cuisine”.

Encouragement Behind the Photography

She fell in love with the process of creating something with a camera. After she finished the project, her teacher approached her and said, “Hey, kid, you’ve got a good eye.” You should consider turning it into a career. “I am confident that you have a bright future ahead of you.” After hearing it, everything made sense. She concluded that I wanted to work with my camera for the rest of my life. Then I spent all of my money on my first camera during the second week of school.

Passion for Portrait Photography

When she first got her camera, she was fascinated by the beauty that the world has to offer. Among other things, she captured macro photographs of flowers, photographs of her home, corporate events, and portraits.

“Before picking up a camera, she was shy and hesitant,” she explains. As I progressed through the process, I began to take self-portraits and developed an appreciation for the art form. I shot images of myself since I was the only person, I felt comfortable addressing or speaking with.”

She steadily gained confidence in herself over the next few years, not only as a photographer but also as a person. Her most recognizable and strongest personality soon became the lens. It was by her side at happy times and served as a platform for her to express herself. She gained the confidence to start photographing other people after a few months of just photographing herself.


When she was just starting to create her own and discover her passion for photography, she needed to study the classic artists who came before her and learn what made them so amazing. Some main influences were photographers like Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, and Steve McCurry. She was able to dissect each artist’s work and extract components that she later incorporated into her style. Richard Avedon’s photography drew her in because of the unique way he interacted with his subjects and generated genuine, unguarded emotions from them.


“I committed every hour of my spare time to develop my talents after realizing that it wasn’t the gear that was limiting me from producing exceptional work,” Anusha Jain explains. I did dozens of sessions a month, spent many hours researching lighting, Photoshop, and other photography-related topics on the internet, and then put what I learned into practice on my shoots. The key to my project’s success was taking action. Then it dawned on me that this was just the start. It was extremely motivating to see how much effort I had put in against how far I still had to go.”

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Anusha Jain says that “You must be loyal to yourself if you want to succeed in this field. Only you can do it better than anyone else. Being unique and authentic to yourself is the only thing that will set your work apart from others. The only competition you have is with yourself in terms of being the best version of yourself possible. Don’t waste your time pursuing someone else’s objectives; instead, focus on your own “.

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