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Tie between Sajil Khandelwal and the dynamic cricket starlet

We are damn sure who have landed on this page are inquisitive about knowing how can Sajil Khandelwal handle multiple rolls. You must have heard of Sajil as a cricketer, Sajil as a model, Sajil as an actor and Sajil as a businessman. We will get to know little about his cricket career today, so let us tell you something about his childhood first.

Sajil Khandelwal had a very shy persona as a child the great part was that he had something within pushing him to touch the horizon. Always trying to feel the silver line where the land and sky meet. So his land was his mother soft and always supportive whereas, his father the sky strong and strict yet always in favour of him.

Sajil Khandelwal always wanted to be a cricketer as a child he turned the world head over heal and made sure he positioned himself in the team.

Though initially he had no clue that he will become a hearthrob of youngsters one day. After watching him play he was suggested by his friends that he is gifted and ca n be a part of a team. After Sajil’s father’s faith in him he started practicing under Mr.Singh Babu and Mr..Sanjeev Pant. He played well for the school.

His favourite Australian player was Mark wah, and Sajil well earned his position to participate in Ranji Trophy.

This young extraordinaire showed people what’s the power of a young raw calibre plus dedication and so he got up early to continue his workout and then match practice post school.

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From getting selected in Under 12 to playing Ranji Trophy Sajil Khandelwal proved his calibre by scoring a fabulous run rate on the score board. Sajil Khandelwal says it was a difficult time when he almost lost his confidence in front of 1000 participants when he was just 10. Sajil somehow gathered his courage to face them all like a starlet worth remembering for ever, making him a real star amongst youngsters in Lucknow, Utter Pradesh. Followed by that he played Under 14, 16, 19, 22 ended up playing in Ranji Trophy.

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