In Uttar Pradesh’s Barabanki, a villager got a pot- full of gold and silver, while he was catching fish from a pond outside his village.

The man then returned back to his home with the treasure and kept the pot in his Kitchen, but suddenly he got frightened on Wednesday night before going to bed, and his excitement soon turned into tension and the man then placed the pot full of Gold and Silver in a nearby temple and started worshipping there.

But as this news spread in the village, the villagers were unable to hold their excitement and gathered near the temple to have a look of the treasure and then soon after Police officials also received the information and they reached the venue with their team.

The villager identified as Lalaram Yadav told the police men that “On Monday morning he went outside the village to catch fish in the pond, where he got a pot full of gold and silver in the pond during fishing. After getting the pot he returned back to his home with the treasure and kept that pot in his Kitchen.”

“But on Wednesday night Lalaram saw a frightening dream while he was sleeping and he was so scared by it that he decided to place the pot full of gold and silver in a temple and he will start worship there,” police said.

Now the treasure will be investigated by the Department of Archeology. According to media reports, there is a rare treasure of gold and silver worth 3 kg in the pot.