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With his training & consultancy firm, Sahil Kothari educates people in variety of courses

Preparing more than 50,000 thousand undergraduates each month in subjects of psychology, mind power, health and wellness, and occult sciences, Sahil Kothari Training and Consultancy has been ceaseless in yielding directing and rules in differentiated fields. Sahil Kothari with his endeavor yields top-notch preparation at the most minimal expense. 

Advancing his courses, he managed to get only 10 students for the first workshop. Rather than being dampened, he accepted it as an inspiration and continued putting forth a valiant effort. Seeing his endeavors and through word of mouth, more and more people started joining his workshops. 

Rising to fulfill his dreams

Starting a startup with no money seems unreal, but Sahil Kothari made it possible through technology and innovation. At the age of 30 years, Sahil Kothari fought all family struggles, failures, and temptations and emerged as a successful entrepreneur with financial security. Here are some interesting facts about Sahil Kothari that can motivate people to be better versions of themselves.

Quoting his words, “When I started my business, I had no money, but with the support of technology, I managed to grow my business by leaps and bounds. My journey started with self-promotion on various Facebook pages and groups. It also included WhatsApp as I joined various groups on Occult Sciences and Healing. WhatsApp and Facebook are free to use, and they can help you get started with a small customer base if used cleverly”.

Sahil hails from a family which had its primary means of livelihood from a small factory in Kolkata. Unfortunately, the factory shut down its operations and his father had to join as a supervisor in a construction firm. If he had not chosen to seek a different path, he would have certainly ended up in a 9 to 5 job.

Considerate and full of passion

Sahil Kothari left his Chartered Accountancy studies and a secured job in Dubai at the time when his family was running into a serious financial liability. He was criticized for this decision, however, he believed that he should keep doing what should be done and took the burden of possible ramifications on his shoulders that could have come along the way.

Forming an educational consultancy was not Sahil’s first venture. At age of 22, Sahil started a website named Youthpace, and then he worked as an affiliate in Shopify. He miserably failed in both the ventures but didn’t lose his confidence and continued to strive. “Fear the fear that makes you fear failure”, says Sahil Kothari, and their beliefs are the same as his motto. 

Confederation with International entities

International level trainers like Sidhharrth S Kumaar rated as leading online spiritual influencers and winner of multiple accolades such as the GBTEOI Award, India Star Republic Award, Prime Time Global Icon Awards, and many continue to train the students of the consultancy.

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“Traditionally occult sciences have been associated with informal learning, however with Sahil Kothari, I am envisioning occult sciences which everyone can correlate with and transforming occult sciences as contemporary science is the objective and that too at affordable prices”, Says Sidhharrth S Kumaar.

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