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World Mental Health Day 2021: Here are 3 ways to improve your mental health during Covid

Positive mental health is very important nowadays,  it allows us to feel good and build our lives in a positive positive manner. But, it’s not that simple as it looks like, there are millions of many young people that are facing mental issues such as negative thoughts, stress,  anxiety and depression which directly impacting their health in so many negative ways.

The Covid-19 pandemic not only made things worse, but it has affected millions of lives in so many negative ways. If you are someone that facing some mental issues, then don’t worry, we have got your back.  Here are some ways that you can try which will surely improve your mental health, again it will fill you with full of positive thoughts.

Feed your body with healthy foods

In order to feel good, then you must respect your body. Each day you need to make sure you are feeding your body with healthy food so that it can function at the optimal level required. Here are some rich vitamins, fibre protein food tha you can add in your meal throughout the day.

  • Eggs: It contains leucine, which will help you to elevate energy levels.
  • Avocados: it is one of the healthy foods that contains healthy fats, fiber to boost your energy level.
  •  Green vegetables: Vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli are excellent sources of potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium that will give you a lot of health benefits.

Stay hydrated

 A proper water intake throughout the day is a fundamental part of any successful wellness regimen. Proper hydration will help the mind work efficiently, so make sure you will start your day with a glass of warm water.

20 minutes workout

Never underestimate the power of 20 minutes of exercise. It will not only improve your mental health but gives you a healthy body type.

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