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His whereabouts remain unknown in Egypt, family not informed

In a sudden development, UAE authorities deported former Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik to Cairo on Saturday, while he along with family were about to leave for France. Reports confirmed his arrival in Cairo but his whereabouts were still not disclosed. Shafik had recently announced his intention to run for the presidency.

UAE news agency WAM has disclosed that Shafik left the Emirates for Egypt without giving any details on why or how he departed. It said his family had remained behind in the Emirates. He was sent to Cairo in a private aircraft.

According to Reuters, former Egyptian PM Ahmed Shafik’s daughter May Shafik, told that authorities had come for him at his home and sent him to Cairo. “We were about to leave to travel to France. They came and took him. They deported him in a private plane. They said they will deport him to Egypt,” May said.

She was suspicious about the intention of his deportation at a time he had announced his plan to contest presidential election and said, “Just because he announced he will run for president they deported him to Egypt and I don’t know what will they do to him.”

She said Shafik had been prevented from leaving the UAE in previous days but had then received assurances that he could travel freely. She did not specify who gave the assurances. The UAE denied placing movement restrictions on Shafik.

Earlier on Friday she said that his father was preparing to depart, first for Europe and the US before reaching to Egypt for starting his election campaign. Shafik narrowly lost to Mohamed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s 2012 election before fleeing overseas.

Reports from Cairo say that security arrangements were high when Shafik landed in a private plane in Cairo airport on Saturday evening. Egyptian authorities escorted Shafik in a motorcade that was waiting for him outside the airport, reports Reuters.

Shafik’s whereabouts are unknown his family said hours after he left the airport, and officials did not issue any statement about his location.


On Wednesday last, Shafik had claimed, in a video message to Aljazeera network, that he was prevented from leaving the UAE after he announced his intention of contesting the presidential election to be held sometime next year.

Ahmed Shafiq was country’s PM for just over a month in 2011 during pro-democracy Arab Spring, leading to the fall of Hosni Mubarak. Thereafter, Mohammed Morsi of Muslim Brotherhood was elected as President who was removed in 2013 in a coup led by Sisi, then Egypt’s defence minister, but Shafiq remained in the UAE.

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